Can Massage Therapy Help Me?

Time and time again, studies have shown regular massage can improve your overall health and outlook on everyday tasks. Swedish massage, for instance, involves long, flowing strokes to provide a calming relaxation while improving circulation.  Deep tissue massage is designed to “get the knots out” which helps to lengthen the muscles to keep joints working smoothly and keep the body young.  Chemicals in the blood that cause depression and anxiety and those that are present during stressful times decrease during many types of massage.  Bodywork in its many forms is a natural way to manage stress, increase energy, lower blood pressure, and boost the immune system.

Each person has individual requirements based on body type, level of activity, daily schedules and the budget.  Find out what works for you and do that.  But, commit yourself to taking care of your needs as much as you take care of everyone else.  A healthy, happy, focused person can always accomplish more than one in pain or one who is stressed.  So whether you are looking for help with current pain or trying to prevent it, try adding regular massage to your self-care habits.  Your body will thank you for it!